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Happy Traveller

20th July 2015

To all that read my stories,

I know it’s been a few weeks since I have shared a story, however I have been in Vancouver, Canada, exploing this great city and doing some volunteer work, with a short impromptu trip to NYC at the end of the five weeks.

I am in the process of writing a story about the Carnegie Community Centre where I volunteered for twelve hours, three days a week and the beautiful soles that keep this place functioning for the people that really need it, all of whom have their own stories and daily battles.

I then intend to share my thoughts about my trip to NYC in a short story.

For now however, my journey is keeping me in Vancouver for the next six months, as I have given an undertaking to be a live-in career for Dr. John, a quadriplegic, who relies on a number of people to help him function on a day to day basis and although it is not something I have never done before, like everything I do my life, I am prepared to learn and give it 110%

So until next time.

Renee x

Renee House

Renee House