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As One Trip Ends Another Begins

9th April 2016

I know that it has been a while, however my journey and travels have and are still continuing.

So after spending six months in Canada, which is a whole other story in itself and one that I will share with you all in time, I left on 26th December, 2015 and headed for Paris.

There I met my best friend, my mum, whom I had flown from Australia, as I had not seen her for thirteen months. I was lucky enough to introduce her to a city I love and we got to do some travel before flying back home together.

Something I want to share with you is that my mum’s initial reaction when I asked her if she would like to meet me somewhere in the world and travel home with me, was one of reservation, as she would have to travel a long distance and arrive in a place she had never been before on her own, something she had not done since she was in her teenage years, she is now a young seventy one.

I was very proud of her as she committed to her decision to say, “Yes”, however I also believe she gained some courage in making this decision from how her daughter had been able to negotiate herself around the world over the last thirteen months, always with an attitude that life is too short, so do and see what you can now.

I suppose what is clear to me is that throughout my life, I have learnt many a lesson from my mother, some of which contributed to me having the courage to travel to and explore foreign countries on my own.

No matter your age you can always be inspired to step outside of your comfort zone.

It was a fantastic trip, my mum thoroughly enjoyed it and lots of memories were created.

We both returned home to Australia together and I remained at home for two months. During this time I drove over 6,500 kilometres across four States to catch up with people I love and missed.

Although I was home, I knew that it would only be for a short time, as my feet still wanted to travel and my eyes still hadn’t seen all the places they wanted to in this small world of ours.

So left Australia on 5th March, 2016, again to start the next chapter of my journey, all the while learning important life lessons.

Let the adventures begin again.

Renee xo

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