Life Lessons


14th August 2015

So here is today’s story, my normal routine four days a week is to attend Pat & Jason’s bakery and buy a particular type of bread for Dr. John and have a chat with them. Sometimes I go to the coffee shop W, which is two doors up from them and have a coffee whilst reading a book. This is what I did today, I am currently reading, “Ask your Guides” and I got my coffee and was sitting in the window on a stool, engrossed in my book when something told me to look up out to the street. When I did I distinctively noticed a male walk past the window mid to late thirties, wearing a black hoodie with the hood down, black jean, black hair and unshaven with a tattoo on the right side of his neck. I then went back to my book, but again I was drawn to look to my right and I noticed this male again standing at an open drink fridge, where people serve themselves. I watch this male look towards the two girls that were busy behind the counter and then with his left hand he took a drink and placed it in his jacket. The cafe is only fairly small and there would have been about ten people in there at the time, all involved in their own thing or conversation. I stuck my arm out with my finger pointed directly at this male and said very loudly, “Put that drink back” by now everyone in the cafe is looking at him. He then quietly put the drink back turned and walked out of the cafe. I then just went back to reading my book and I heard a female voice in the background say, “Good on You” and when I left the staff thanked me. The lesson in this story is to pay attention when your intuition tell you too, it is never wrong.

Renee House

Renee House